Testimonials: What Clients Say About Us

Here's what some of our clients have to say about Jill Smith, CAPS:

Anne Devlin

Beverly Hills, CA

I have a 90 year old mother who now needs lots of help in managing life.  When it came time to move her out of family housing and into an assisted living arrangement, Jill was tremendously helpful in outlining the choices we had, and the ways of getting assistance.  She is a font of information on resources for the elderly, and for their caregivers.  With Jill's knowledge and experience in our minds, we decided Mom needed more than a classic assisted living facility, but less than a nursing home.  She is now in a residential Board-and-Care, which has both given her the daily care that she needs, and greatly reduced the stress that was consuming my family's lives.  In addition to wonderful training, Jill's personal experience working with the elderly and with the confusing, frustrating maze that is  our senior healthcare system, gives her a unique ability to assure, comfort, and direct caregivers who are struggling with the needs of aging parents and relatives.   Knowing that I can contact her, and always get well-thought out suggestions gives me a sense of having someone in my corner all the time.  Thank you Jill!!!

Patti Broun

Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Jill Smith is wonderfully caring, empathetic, astute about people and meticulously detailed.  When my friend who is in her late 70’s began to really need help yet was not ready to talk about what would support her…  Jill was able to help me educate myself to be ready to help in as kind and loving way as best possible.  Jill talked with me at some length and then sent me a series of questions about how my friend was doing with life in general and also daily activities.  Answering those questions gave me some clarity and Jill some information to work with.  Jill then sent me a very detailed response on each topic/question with her thoughts and many links to online info.  This has helped me greatly to begin some conversations with my friend about what kinds of resources might support her as time goes forward to live comfortably in her home.  I am so grateful for Jill’s help, now and as my friend’s journey goes forward.

Barbara Roach

Moorpark, CA

First and foremost, Jill truly cares about helping the family members find the very best "fit" for their loved one.  She understands that this is a very difficult and emotional decision, for both the loved one and the family.  Jill is passionate about her work, and takes a very personal interest in guiding the family to find a suitable residence based on the individual needs and desires of each client family.

Dorothea Rosen, RN

Redondo Beach, CA

Jill is an exceptional and qualified individual to recognize the unique needs of our aging population. I have had the opportunity to witness first hand her ability to make sure every need is met with her incredible compassion and diligence.  She does not leave any stone un-turned when it comes to obtaining the right solutions for this special population. On a daily basis, I witness the need for this type of care and Jill is a brilliant and perfect fit.

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